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2015-02-26 16:47:47 by NeedLive Team

Women's Day Photo vote contest



Celebrate the International Women's Day with from 4 March to 10 March, 2015 (CET). Models will upload gorgeous portraits of themselves to show their beauty and you can cast your votes on the best images.

You can also send special gifts (tips) to models to show your appreciation. We will reward 10 models with cash prize at the end of the contest. Their contest points will be based on the total votes they receive from members on all their contest images and the total value of tips they get. Note: You can vote on the same image maximum 10 times per day while you can send tips to the models without any limitation.




Tags: photo vote, women's day
2015-02-27 10:37:45 by NeedLive Team

Add NeedLive to 'white list' in your email box


Dear Member,

We are often informed from you that you do not get our notification emails about your transactions, comfirmation emails, newsletters to the email address you provided during the member signup. If for example you forgot your password and would like to get a new one then a confirmation link is sent to your email address first which is a necessary step to protect you and your information from unauthorized access. Not mentioning our newsletters that contain important news, promotions, updates about the site that you should know about.

Some free email providers might block our emails or put them to the spam/junk folder. We created a detailed description for you on how to 'whitelist' NeedLive as a sender on different email providers to ensure that our email reaches you. Please add to the 'white list' of your email provider, it requires some clicks only.


Find here the 'how to whitelist an email sender' descriptions of the most often used email providers: 

GMAIL         YAHOO         HOTMAIL 

You can find the full list including email clients (Outlook, Thunderbird) on this page



Did you add an email address during the member signup that you do not use / do not check or have no access to any more?


If yes then please change it to an email address where you are available. You can do it in your member account at 'Settings' menu. If you do not have access at all to that email address then send us an email to and we assist you further. Thank you!



Best regards,

NeedLive Team

Tags: email safe sending
2015-02-12 17:09:59 by NeedLive Team

Automatic login

Dear Members,


Many of you might be tired of logging into your member accounts each time you want to visit the site as a member. To make the login procedure more convenient for you we have just launched an option that will keep you logged into your member account if you do not log out. At the member login page select the 'Stay logged in' option and the browser you use will remember your login details and will log you into your member account automatically when you open the site next time.

Note: do not use this option at public computers to avoid conflicts.


NeedLive Support


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2015-02-24 12:24:45 by NeedLive Team