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About myself

Welcome to my fabulous prvt :) what happens in prvt stays in prvt ;)

On peut parler francais o hablamos espanol.

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15 truths about me

1. I have been on and offs cam sites for many years and I have met some genuinely good people.

2. I do not like mini skirts and never wear them. I prefer long dresses. Does it make me a nun? I also like wearing boots and feel great in them.

3. I am INFJ which means that I care about people as much as only 1% of the world population does.

4. I am not a morning person and without coffee I am grumpy,?but still gorgeous, of course.

5. Electronic music makes me happy and I am friends with one of the world's top DJs.

6. Smart conversation mixed with flirt is what turns me on. It doesn't mean that I object to seducing you. Just be gentle.

7. Women choose not to like me and 98% of my time I spend with men. Hence I can chat about anything, from football rules to different whisky types. I would like to be a guy for a day, to see how your brain works.

8. I love nature, flowers, mountains and long walks. Being on top of the world and up in the sky makes me happy. I wish I could fly.

9. I do not believe in luck but I believe in destiny.

10. I do everything with passion and sensuality.

11. I consider smile to be a window to the soul, along with the eyes.

12. I value honesty although I do get that it's hard to be honest in a virtual world. You can try it with me - it feels good, I promise.

13. I love everything beautiful and want to share beauty with you, in any shape or form.

14. I like to chill here so let's just have fun whatever ths word might mean.

15. Temptation, adventure, speed... Crazy? Why not?!

The way I work: you are nice with me and you treat me well - I will be the same with you. Be nice and respectful and you will get the same from me. If you are rude and impolite, however, I am witty and sarcastic enough to respond. So let's be fair guys, we are here to have fun and let's make this place enjoyable for both of us!

Romantic at heart but not totally naive I hope to find a friend first. Though I also believe in the love at first sight... Or is it just lust?
I am turned on by men with a strong personality and I like guys who are not afraid to be themselves around me. I like people who love to enjoy life to the full, who are able to make every second of their life a special and unforgettable one.

What turns me off hmm..I dont like bills. With all the rest I can fight and I will hopefully win. Rude, cocky and demanding guys can move on without even talking to me.? Disrespect is the biggest turn off for me.

Hope it's not too much and see you soon.



  • Tanya
Sexual pref.:
5' 5" - 5' 9" (165-177 cm)
Hair color:
Hair length:
Eye color:

  • LesThomas


    2012-03-06 19:23:22


  • torchwood


    2011-12-14 14:23:00

    Merry★* 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •
    •。★Christmas★ 。* 。
    ° 。 ° ˛˚˛ * _Π_____*。*˚
    ˚ ˛ •˛•˚ */______/~\。˚ ˚ ˛
    ˚ ˛ •˛• ˚ | 田田 |門| ˚And a happy new year:')

  • PolishEagle


    2011-08-30 06:09:21

    A spectacular gem, who deserves to be treated as beautifully as she is. Get to know her... Get to know her well. By doing that you will be rewarded in ways you cannot comprehend.

  • dareformore


    2011-06-15 02:26:19

    beautifull woman.. nice photos.kiss

  • jaydakota


    2011-04-23 19:54:35

    a very sweet and beautiful lady wish you the very best life has to offer you

  • LesThomas


    2011-04-22 23:00:28

    The best

  • PolishEagle


    2011-04-08 20:58:11

    A walking, talking work of art. As Lovely in Mind & Spirit as she is to look at. Be patient and treat her like a lady and your rewards will be more than you can possibly imagine. ;)

  • robbybobby


    2011-01-06 18:12:19

    You have the best photo gallery I have ever seen. I can just sit all day and look at how stunninh you are. You are a real star, Tanya! I would do anything to see you just for 5 minutes in real life, my mysterious woman :) You are a gem, so precious and so beautiful. Good luck with everything this year as you deserve it

  • LesThomas


    2011-01-04 23:46:03

    Simply she is the best of the best. It just does not get any better.
    She is without peer.

  • preciousbaby

    preciousbaby (reply to darlingboy)

    2010-12-18 16:44:49

    yet another year is coming to its end..I would like to thank all my friends for the lovely moments we have shared over the past 12 months. I have met some great people who have become an important part of my life and I am so looking forward to spending more time with you in the years to come. I wish you a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year..
    with love and kisses

Comments: 81 ( Active: 76, Moderated: 5 )

  • LesThomas

    2010-12-17 19:58:56

    She has a pretty and expressive face that beckons you to her pvt. She has a flawless body, with milky white skin, perfectly formed natural C cup boobs. A great set of pins ( legs )and oh that ass is scruptious. Round and tight, in the Ass Hall of Fame. And a nice smoothly shaven cochie. And before I forget natural flowing dirty blonde hair, no peroxide here. And the look,that says it all. I hear that song fro the 80's "The Look" playing in my head whenever I see her. Its that "come on and fuck melook". Then only one I've seen on this site.

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  • darlingboy

    2010-01-12 06:20:22

    Playful...she likes to tease, and you can tease her; she likes to seduce, and be seduced.

    Romantic... she loves flowers in her hair, beaches, getaways, beautiful landscapes

    Enticing... she can set butterflies in your stomach to fluttering with one sensual move

    Charming... she can disarm you with a word; she can light up any gray day with her smile

    Intelligent... she speaks four languages fluently, she is bright, bright, bright

    Openhearted... give her your respect, and she returns it in kind, with kindness

    Unselfish... give her your trust, and rest assured she will not take advantage of you

    Sassy... 'nuff said.

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  • shyguy01

    2010-01-10 23:02:23

    Starting with her gorgeous looks, she has beautiful eyes, long hair, perfect body with sexy curves where needed, and all this in a natural way and without surgeons' help. Besides she has a perfect taste in the choice of her clothes, which you can also easily verify from her large picture archive, and she welcomes you in her own room, which is much better decorated and more intimate than those cam studios where the sound you get is mixed with noises and conversations coming from other girls.
    Once you have been seduced by this first appearance, you won't need a long time either to notice she has a strong personality and bright brains, she knows what she wants to do, and she can chat over a broad number of topics. Personally I found her as fluent in English as in French, I didn't review other languages where she is much better than me!

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  • honeydawg

    2010-01-06 15:06:15

    Tanya, as we can see, is a beautiful woman, with a
    gorgeous big smile. But she is impressive in many other ways. She speaks four
    languages fluently, she is well-traveled and independent, a serious student, a
    quick wit and easy conversationalist. She is attentive, personable and warm,
    creative and sexy, spirited and passionate. Tanya and I connected, we clicked,
    we were genuinely interested in each other as people and we just hit it off. I
    don't pretend to understand
    personal chemistry and, quite frankly, I think Tanya's charisma and charm carry the day here;
    she is clearly a people person and I have just loved her attention and


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