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  • LikeABoss


    2011-10-11 05:11:10

    Congrats for place 1 at Pearls contest:D mooooVirgy rullz:D:D kissessss

  • Lionheart07


    2011-09-28 02:23:47

    Its hard to describe her with only few words...but i will try: Her soothing beautifull voice is what I first heard, her beautifull shining eyes are what I first saw, her sincere and loving heart was what I first felt...I thought angels don't exsist on earth, but I was proven wrong. She is a true angel with a heart made of gold and her eyes are always shining like beautifull esmeralds.

  • Angel4thelight


    2011-09-16 03:29:09

    A beautiful angel.A joy to spend time with.A precious Lady,bubbly fountain of happyness who'll melt the anyone heart,it's the most adoreable woman.Who meet this dream princess once, will think same like me-SHE IS ALL OF THE ABOVE,PERFECTION FROM TOES TO HEAD,MIND,SOUL AND HEART !!!-...only a nasty one can denied.
    V.V I want YOU only for myself!!LOVE AND RESPECT.Robert

  • jimmsan


    2011-09-15 21:39:33

    Hello hun! I have seen all your videos, you are fantastic! Kiss you Jimmy

  • dreamweaver


    2011-09-01 14:01:00

    Graceful, elegant, can she be described? Certainly all those things and the embodiment of sensuality. A perfect body and mind. Virgy..kiss :-)

  • virgyrules


    2011-08-31 02:49:51

    She has an Amazing Mind, Body & Soul and A Big Wonderful Heart. Her Shows are simply the best a must see for sure!!!!! V So glad you are back safe a sound Angel......

  • wannaspanku


    2011-08-27 15:44:58

    I miss u so much V.,but i know u're gone to make better some other place of the world ! U bring the sun with u wherever u go.So,how u used to say BE SAFE AND PROTECTED§!Kisses sweet angel.A

  • StevieW88


    2011-08-17 02:56:19

    Happy Birthday to the most beautiful 21 year old!! Love and kisses!! Stevie

  • manumars


    2011-07-24 03:06:06

    If you come in this room, it's not the hazard. You're certainly searching a nice, real and beautiful girl ?
    You're in the good place.
    When I talk to her...when I see her body... when I go private with her...
    Now I can say that she's a part of heaven for me.

  • WillieTheFreak


    2011-07-19 03:30:55

    to know her is to love her. Virgy is so sweet, a truly special lady