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Models with the most private show/phone call income win!


7 performers or phone actresses who generate the most income from private shows and/or phone calls will win extra cash between 16-29 Oct, 2016 on NeedLive! You can support your favorite models or phone sex operators by taking them to private show (standard or 1on1 private) or calling them on phone.


2016-10-13 16:00:28 by NeedLive Team

Halloween on NeedLive

You can have extra minutes with your favorite models or chat hosts again! Buy the same credit package twice above 30 and you get +30% for the second package. The offer is valid from 28th of Oct (CET) until recalled, so hurry and get those bonuses till you can!

How does it work exactly?
If you buy for example  the 160 credit package twice during the promotion period then you will get 2 x 160 credits and plus the 30% of the package you bought twice, which is 48 credits (160 x 0,30=48)

The following chart shows the bonuses you can gain during the promotion:

credit package bonus you will get if you buy the same package twice
30 not included in the promotion
70 21 credits
100 30 credits
160 48 credits
300 90 credits




All Hallow's Eve is approaching and we found out a double contest for your models between 29 Oct and 14 Nov. You can support your favorites and help them win one of the amazing cash prizes of the total $1600! On the top of that you will have the chance again to gain extra credits!

1) Halloween decor photo contest
Performers will show their creativity by uploading images of their decorations made for Halloween. You can cast show your opinion and cast your votes on the best photos.

You can vote by 1 to 5 where 5 is the highest vote.  Models' contest rank will be based on the total votes received on all their contest images. Tip: become a VIP member as the 3, 4 and 5 votes will mean more contest points for the models:

Votes members
can cast
how much credit
votes cost for you
contest points
for models
1 1 credit 1 point
2 2 credit 2 points
3 3 credit 3 points (4 points if you are a VIP)
4 4 credit 4 points (5 points if you are a VIP)
5 5 credit 5 points (7 points if you are a VIP)

2) Models with the most income win! 29 Oct - 14 Nov

6 performers with the highest earnings will win extra cash again! You can support your favorite models or phone sex operators by taking them to private show (standard or 1on1 private), calling them on phone, using the voyeur function to peek in their room, giving them tips online or offline or purchasing their contents.

Tip: give awesome Halloween-themed virtual gifts to the models to help them boost their contest points:



2016-10-26 13:22:50 by NeedLive Team

Get 50 bonus credits for referring models to NeedLive!

Do you have favorite models or chathosts being online elsewhere or maybe got a friend who is interested in becoming a webcam model or a phone sex operator? Now you can get extra credits for inviting them to NeedLive! We will reward you with 50 bonus credits and 600 seconds voyeur time after each referred model or chat host and on the top of that the models/chat hosts you refer will get 10% more share lifetime from the credits you spend in their room! This is an offer beneficial both for you and your favorite models.
How to invite models?

  • First of all make sure that you are an active member at us (active members = those who bought credits at least once)
  • You need to send your own referral link to the models/chat hosts you would like to invite. Your individual referral link and the list of the models you invited can be found in your member account at 'My page' main menu under 'Referred models' tab
When do I get my bonus?

  • To avoid abusing the system we will credit your 50 credit bonus to your account once the model or chat hosts reaches the first payout (they need to earn over $100 to get paid)
What NeedLive benefits to mention for the models/chathosts I want to invite?

  • Make sure to mention that NeedLive gives one of the best percentages for their models and chat hosts on the market
  • They will get +10% share lifetime from the credits you spend in their room
  • Unique atmoshpere, model-friendly support
  • Easy site rules, no penalties or deductions
  • Model awards and exciting performer contests with serious money prizes
The offer is valid until recalled so do not hesitate to invite models to us and make benefits from this offer!

If you have questions send us an email to or contact our support leader on any of the following instant messaging contact forms:

Skype: feco.needlive      ICQ: 646130568               YM:

NeedLive Team

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2015-04-21 16:18:14 by NeedLive Team

Invite your friends to us and receive 50 bonus credits and 10% lifetime share from their purchases!


A new opportunity to get extra credits on NeedLive! Refer new members to us and get 50 bonus credits and 10% of the referred members' purchases lifetime! Yes, you read it right, as long as the members you refer buy credits on the site you will get 10% portion of their purchases! It is a great way to get extra credits from us lifetime only by inviting your friends to us!

How should I invite members?
  • You can send invitation to your friends who you think might be interested
  • You may post your individual referral link on your personal blog/site, social media (Twitter, Facebook, ...)

  • You need to use your own referral link to invite members. Find the link in your member account at My page menu and Referred members sub-menu.
  • The members you refer have to be new on NeedLive meaning that they did not make any transactions before on any accounts

If I refer a member when will I get my one-time special bonus of 50 credits?
In order to avoid abusing the system we will check the members you referred at the end of each period (16th and last day of each month) and credit the referral bonus of 50 credits to your member account in case the member purchases over 200 credits altogether.

When and how do I get my 10% portion from the invited members? purchases?
We will check your referred members on the 16th and the last day of each month. The first time you will get the 10% commission is when the referred member purchases over 200 credits altogether. After that you will get your 10% share at the end of each period (1st of each month and the last day of each month)
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2015-05-29 10:21:11 by NeedLive Team