NeedLive Favorites Online is an Adobe AIR desktop application, that notifies you without opening your favorites from your browser if any performer from your favorites list cames online. If you would like to know more about Adobe AIR please click HERE. We offer NeedLive Favorites Online application to our members. You just need to log in as you do on our website at

If you are a Macintosh owner, and would like to install NeedLive Favorites Online application, please make sure you have downloaded and installed the Adobe AIR first, what requires to install and run our application.

To download Adobe AIR:Adobe AIR download page
To download NeedLive Favorites Online: NeedLive Favorites Online AIR application (.air)

To our Windows users we offer an installer package what contains both, the Adobe AIR installer and the NeedLive Favorites Online application too.

To download our installer package for windows: NeedLive Favorites Online installer (.exe)

Actual version: 1.00

NeedLive team 2010.03.08.